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Beyond Yes: Advice for Early Career Professionals Transitioning into the Workplace

Author(s): Kyra L Sutton

Beyond Yes: Advice for Early Career Professionals Transitioning into the Workplace is a non-fiction self-help book that helps young adults adjust to the workplace in the first ten years of their career in four meaningful ways. The book identifies relevant career experiences, describes critical skill...

Introduction to Political Philosophy

Author(s): Steven Barracca

New Edition Now Available! Introduction to Political Philosophy provides an accessible entree for college students to the important issues, concepts, and theories that comprise the on-going conversation of western political thought.  Rather than offer a comprehensive survey or thematic approach, ...

Handy Katakana / Hiragana Workbook: An Introduction to Japanese Writing

Author(s): Y.M. Shimazu

Designed to accompany an introductory Japanese language course, The Handy Katakana Workbook contains 8 teach-yourself study sheets and 26 worksheets on how to write and read Katakana, 2 Practice Quiz Exercises, and a Katakana chart with stroke order. The workbook is designed to be covered in 15 to 2...

Mathematica Companion for Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus

Author(s): Fred E. Szabo

New Revised Fourth Edition Now Available! Mathematica Companion for Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus is intended for students in business, economics, and the life and social sciences. Written at the request of students, colleagues, and users of Mathematica who need their Mathematica tools...

Perspectives on Sustainability

Author(s): Justin Gish

Much of the focus in Perspectives on Sustainability, and sustainability in general, is focused on combating climate change. This text will present you with solutions and offer hope for the future. Each chapter will begin with a research or popular article followed by a review and summary. You’ll gai...

Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab Manual

Author(s): Jodie Foster

This manual is intended to provide the student with a practical approach to understanding concepts of human anatomy and physiology. It is organized by systems beginning with the building blocks of anatomical terms, molecular, cellular and histological concepts to serve as a foundation for learning t...