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The Legal Environment of Business

Author(s): RYAN PACE

Understanding the legal environment in which businesses operate is a critical component of success for all business leaders and decision-makers. The Legal Environment of Business by Ryan H. Pace introduces fundamental legal topics relating to the U.S. Constitution, ethics, dispute resolution, cri...

Understanding Cancer: From Discovery to Therapy

Author(s): Joyce Schroeder

 CLICK HERE to Purchase Immediate Access to Online Course Content Cancer is a complex disease, and the study of cancer requires an understanding of molecular and cellular biology, pathology, clinical aspects and an introduction to the therapeutics that are currently in use. In this book, we first...

Introduction to Chemistry

Author(s): Nancy Gardner, Stephen Mezyk

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Introduction to the Caribbean: Diversity, Challenges, Resiliency

Author(s): Camille Hernandez-Ramdwar

Introduction to the Caribbean is a stand-alone text that is designed to challenge common misperceptions about the Caribbean and provide a solid grounding for an understanding of the region. It is interactive, with links to audiovisual content and relevant websites, and covers topics such as the Indi...

Fitness and Your Health

Author(s): David C Nieman

Fitness & Your Health has been written to satisfy the general education requirement for physical education. In many colleges and universities students are given the option to take a class that focuses on fitness and health issues. Fitness & Your Health uses a physical fitness approach to educate the...

Thriving in the Community College and Beyond: Strategies for Academic Success and Personal Development: Specifically for Cincinnati State Tech and Community College

Author(s): Joseph B Cuseo, Aaron Thompson, Steady Moono, Julie McLaughlin

This book is designed to help students make a smooth transition to college and equip them with strategies for success that can be used throughout the college experience and in life beyond college. Its goal is to promote academic excellence and personal development among all students—whether they be ...

Introduction to Ethics: A Primer for the Western Tradition

Author(s): Frank Scalambrino

Introduction to Ethics: A Primer for the Western Tradition is designed for Introduction to Ethics courses which survey the history of ideas in the Western philosophical tradition. Introducing students to essential normative and meta-ethical distinctions both in regard to perennial primary sources an...

Picturing Russia: A Research Guide to Russian Culture

Author(s): Alla Kourova

The present book is about understanding and studying Russian Culture. Picturing Russia: A Research Guide to Russian Culture can be used as a basic for further research of Russian culture by scholars of various disciplines and by students who are interested in cultural analysis.  The primary target a...

Introduction to Ethnic Studies: A New Approach

Author(s): Wayne Allen, Kebba Darboe

This book gives students a brief introduction to the discipline of Ethnic Studies, its history, theories, methods and application to real world problems. It starts with a brief historical overview of this relatively new academic discipline and explores some basic definitions and concepts, along with...