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Severe and Hazardous Weather: An Introduction to High Impact Meteorology

Author(s): Robert Rauber, John Walsh, Donna Charlevoix

The fifth edition can be found HERE  Extreme weather and climate events have impacted every region of the United States and many regions throughout the world during the five years since the publication of the previous edition of Severe and Hazardous Weather. The recent fires in California and Oregon...

The Tourism System

Author(s): Alastair M Morrison, Xinran You Lehto, Jonathon Day

Tourism System: a set of interrelated parts working together toward shared outcomes and goals. The Tourism System, under the guidance of a new authoring team, have made this new 8th edition more global in scope through examples, cases, and approximately 120 Quick Trips.   The Tourism System: ...

Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success

Author(s): Stephen Spates, Theodore Avtgis, Shawn Wahl, Andrew S Rancer

The focus of Organizational Communication: Strategies for Success is theory and relevant skills orientation, serving those who study relevant organizational theory as well as those developing the necessary skillsets required for conducting communication training, assessment, and organizational devel...

Introductory Physical Geology Laboratory Kit and Manual


The laboratory kit and manual are part of an intensive laboratory course that explores the basic concepts and principles of physical geology. The kit is designed to be used in all delivery modalities.The 14 lessons follow a sequence that progresses through the basics of plate tectonics, seismology, ...

The Administration and Supervision of Special Programs in Education

Author(s): Anita Pankake, Jesus Abrego Jr., Michelle Abrego

The Fifth Edition of The Administration & Supervision of Special Programs in Education (2022) is designed to provide both practicing and aspiring school leaders an overview of many of the programs and services operating in most schools today. The book is organized so that readers can immediately app...

College Algebra with Current Interesting Applications and Facts

Author(s): Gisela Acosta, Margie Karwowski

College Algebra with Current Interesting Applications and Facts provides students the opportunity to experience real-life settings and work on activities that model real-world situations, while capturing the student’s interest. This text contains application problems which are based on current every...

Woody Plants in North America

Author(s): John R Seiler, Edward C Jensen, John Peterson

Woody Plants in North America is an interactive multimedia identification tutorial for woody plants found throughout North America. The software was developed over a 15-year period at Virginia Tech in cooperation with tree identification experts at Oregon State University, The Pennsylvania State Uni...

Geography of North America: Activities for Large Classes

Author(s): James M Dunn

This set of activities is designed to bring geography to life in an introductory college course on the geography of North America. Instructors can swap about 1/3 of the time typically used in lectures and use these activities to promote spatial thinking and to demonstrate the excitement of working w...

The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit

Author(s): Scott Wilson

The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit gives students confidence as they enter the enchanting world of jazz music.  The Ultimate Jazz Tool Kit: Tricks of the Trade is a holistic learning tool that will save educators valuable time and provide them with concrete assessment materials that prove their student’s...

Interpreting the Asian Past

Author(s): Qiu Jin Hailstork

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