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Bounce: From Surviving to Thriving Through Loss

Author(s): Melissa Mork

Grief is not a passive process. It is hard work.In Bounce, you will learn how to work through your grief with good humor to find peace and purpose. You will discover the different types of grief, models of grief, and the tasks of effective grief work. In the process, you will also learn ways to cope...

Mere Microeconomics

Author(s): Ron Cipcic

New Revised Printing Now Available!Mere Microeconomics takes an up close look at the choices of individual economic actors – a buyer of gasoline, a refiner of crude oil, and an explorer of crude oil reserves – as well as the collective choices such actors make in specific market or command settings....

The Epiphanies of Negotiations: 40 Years of Negotiations for Public Schools

Author(s): Gregory Dannis

There has never been a book describing what labor negotiations in public schools are really like. Until now. With over 40 years serving as the chief negotiator for the largest to the smallest school districts in California (and over 15 years as an elected school board member), Gregory J. Dannis has ...

Anthropology & the Global World: An Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology


An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology presents a global perspective on humanity and on human culture, poverty, exploitation, work, beliefs, and the primary institutions that make up human societies. The text takes a traditional approach to chapters, presenting a range of anthropological topics ty...

The Boven Naturals: Legend of the Shadow Ankhs

Author(s): Cathy Rehfus-Wilsek

Embark on an extraordinary journey with "The Boven Naturals: Legend of The Shadow Ankhs," the first in a captivating seven-part saga of magic and adventure. Five unique beings, Paige Connatis, a brilliant technomancer Nativus who years to break free from her mother's imposing shadow. Ethan Caelum, a...