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Geologic Disasters Workbook with Applications to Physical Geology and Oceanography

Author(s): David M Best, Mario V Caputo

Our planet is a dynamic place. Geologic Disasters Laboratory provides hands-on learning experiences for students to better understand the geologic concepts behind the disasters they are studying.The individual laboratories featured in this book are created to fit with courses using Earth’s Natural H...

Physical Geology Across the American Landscape

Author(s): John Renton, Coast Learning Systems, COASTLINE COLLEGE, COASTLINE COLLEGE

Print Format This product includes the printed textbook. eBook Format You will receive access to the electronic text via email after using the shopping cart above to complete your purchase. This is an electronic version of the print textbook only.  This textbook is designed to impart sci...

Casing Interpersonal Communication: Case Studies in Personal and Social Relationships

Author(s): Dawn O Braithwaite, Kelly Rossetto, Jeffrey T. Child, Julia T Wood

Casing Interpersonal Communication puts the proven concept of active learning to work for interpersonal communication students by immersing students in real life situations. Easily adaptable to any existing interpersonal communication textbook, Casing Interpersonal Communication: is availab...

Reading & Learning Strategies: Middle Grades Through High School

Author(s): Jerry Johns, Susan Lenski, Micki M Caskey, Mary Ann Wham

This fourth edition is based on the Professional Standards developed by the International Reading Assoc. (IRA). Educators will get over 100 content-relevant instructional strategies. Each research-based strategy includes a detailed explanation and examples from various content areas. A quick refe...

Acting: What to Do

Author(s): Judith Pender

Primarily targeting students who are working in Realism, Acting: What To Do provides a basis for work in all genres and styles in acting. This text provides material on both serious drama and comedy, and all the sub genres of Realism of the late nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. Acting: What To...

HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens

Author(s): Tiantian Zheng, Jack Wortman

HIV/AIDS Through an Anthropological Lens focuses on the global pandemic that has a profound impact on the world we are living in today. In many parts of the world, the infection has severely eroded the political, economic, and social fabric. This book provides an answer to how we can better understa...

Nutrition Basics Better Health & Performance: Customized Version designed for Concordia University

Author(s): Patricia Rehel

Take Charge of Your BodyNutrition Basics for Better Health & Performance is a book for nutrition courses taught at the introductory level. A minimum of scientific terminology is used and an emphasis is put on physical activity.This text covers a wide array of nutrition topics from basics about fats,...

General Chemistry Laboratories: A Freshman Workbook

Author(s): Simon G Bott, Russell A Geanangel, Vladimir Zaitsev

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Introduction to Political Philosophy

Author(s): Steven Barracca

New Edition Now Available! Introduction to Political Philosophy provides an accessible entree for college students to the important issues, concepts, and theories that comprise the on-going conversation of western political thought.  Rather than offer a comprehensive survey or thematic approach, ...

ETHNIC STUDIES: An Introduction

Author(s): Gregory Yee Mark, Boatamo Mosupyoe, Brian Baker, Julie Figueroa

The new 4th Edition of ETHNIC STUDIES: An Introduction reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Ethnic Studies - the readings are drawn from academic fields in the humanities and social sciences. A few first-person narratives are also included, so we can get a sense of how individuals experience the...