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The Evolution of Hip-Hop: A Hip-Hop Nation Story

Author(s): Donald Harrell

The Evolution of Hop-Hop: A Hip-Hop Nation Story is an inter-disciplinary telling of the story of a generation of youth who development a music genre and attendant culture, against all odds. It is a comprehensive accounting of the transformative and nation-building power of hip-hop, as well as the t...

Battling the Big Mo: MMA and the Power of Buzz


Abstract For most people, playing sports as a child was all about having fun. Many people argue that professional sports are all about the money and not about the love of the sport, but that is not necessarily true. Those athletes just have a different goal at the end of the day, a bigger goal. T...

International Affairs: An Interactive Approach

Author(s): PAUL POPE

This eBook has been designed for active learners who are interested in beginning their study of international affairs. This book utilizes an interactive map that allows users to investigate a range of information pertaining to international relations, American foreign policy, and dynamic events in t...

Nonverbal Strategies for Acing the Job Interview


Abstract At the beginning of each semester I have students write a paper called, “First Impressions.” Their assignment is to report on their first impression of someone they never met before, such as a new professor, classmate, retail salesperson, etc. The objective of the assignment is to charac...

Who's Calling the Shots? Balancing Donor Relations and Nonprofit Branding


Abstract When a young employee of a children’s charity suggests rebranding to enhance volunteer recruitment and retention, he encounters problems with a key donor. *** “Eight? Are you kidding me?!” exclaimed Child Haven’s Volunteer Recruiter Miguel Santos. “That’s almost half of the enti...