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Introduction to Operations Management

Author(s): MARK JACOBS, JAMES BEAU KEYTE, Michael F. Gorman, Peter G Wagner

Operations Management is structured with subject matter content first which is introduced through a scenario in which the student might be either familiar or could see themselves as protagonist, followed by a group of integrative scenarios that can be used as mini-cases to drive learning from severa...

Hope is Not a Strategy: Leadership and Positioning in Health and Human Services

Author(s): Lyn Corbett

When seismic shifts—such as global health crises, social and political uprisings—rocked our world, mere hope proved an insufficient shield. In our interconnected global society, a myriad of challenges continually emerge, demanding coordinated and strategic responses. Whether facing new health crises...

Plant Life

Author(s): James E Mickle, CHAD JORDAN, RACHEL CLARK

The Plant Life Lab Manual includes activities and experiments in plant biology that are geared toward students in non-life science majors. Topics addressed in the manual include macromolecular composition, plant anatomy and morphology, growth and development, transport, photosynthesis, biotechnology...

Sociology: A Critical and Comprehensive Approach

Author(s): Tiffanie Reed

Sociology: A Critical and Comprehensive Approach is a turn-key, interactive, online course package that covers a wide range of topics and aligns with sociology courses and various academic disciplines. The content is organized logically, starting with foundational sociological theories and contexts ...

Professional Problem Solvers: Are Your Management Controls Effective?

Author(s): Bill Magrogan

Are you paid to fix what goes wrong? If so, you are a professional problem-solver.These ideas lead to improved workplace performance... for you and others!Effective use of controls help you thrive in business or in public organizations. Bill, your author, guides Professional MBAs in problem-solving ...

Isker Bey and the Last Timekeeper: The Saga of Isker Bey, Volume 1

Author(s): Shawn M Lynch

In 2187 of the Fifth Long Age, a mother he did not remember brought Isker Bey into the world and into the slavery that burdened all the survivors of the conquered Bensahari nation. Ripped from the only family he did remember at the age of four, Isker found himself in the violence-prone dormitories o...