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Communicating in Your Personal, Professional and Public Lives - eBook

Author(s): Sara Weintraub, Candice Thomas-Maddox, Kerry Byrnes

Communication is everywhere in our daily lives. Whether we are interacting with a friend or with a supervisor, in today’s society, the ability to communicate effectively is imperative. Communicating in Your Personal, Professional & Public Lives covers a wide range of relevant topics that provide ...

Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime

Author(s): Diana K. Ivy, Shawn Wahl

Designed to fuse a unique balance of theory and application, Nonverbal Communication for a Lifetime translates academic material based on sound research and theory into meaningful applications for the reader to utilize throughout life.The publication extends learning activities by including What Wou...



Conditioning CD Students work to increase all of the health related components of physical fitness through a variety of interactive components of the course.  These interactive components include health calculators, a hyperlinked glossary and videos demonstrating stretches and conditioning exercises...