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A History of Warfare in East Asia

Author(s): Robert F Ritchie

This book represents a summation of some of the latest scholarship on the subject of warfare in East Asia. Because of the paucity of books on the subject, it is an obviously underrepresented subject, and this book is, by no means, intended to be conclusive. Hopefully, it will serve as a conduit to t...

Literature of the Supernatural

Author(s): Laurel Kornhiser

This carefully curated selection of supernatural literature—from traditional ghost stories and poems to contemporary tales of the weird and uncanny—represents acknowledged masters of the genre, authors nearly forgotten but worthy of resurrection, and new voices destined to haunt minds into the futur...

God of All Nations: The End Without End Is Theocracy

Author(s): Alemayehu Mekonnen

Alemayehu Mekonnen has evaluated the Old and New Testaments along with several other scholarly works to examine the past and world's current state to explain how the kingdom of God works now and in the future. Ancient and current superpowers, scientific, technological, and philosophical advanceme...

Principles of Telecommunications: Foundations of Information Technologies


The textbook is designed specifically for those involved in the IT field as either a student or working professional.  It presents basic communications theories in a manner that intentionally avoids the lengthy mathematical derivations found in similar texts designed for the electrical engineering s...

Criminology in Canada: Its Mechanisms, Theories, and Failings

Author(s): Christopher Hay

Criminology in Canada: Its Mechanism, Theories and Failings is a critical look at the Canadian Criminal Justice system.  This first two thirds of this text explores in detail how Canadian law operates and an in-depth look at a variety of criminological theories.  The final third of this text is quit...

MGF 1106: Mathematics for Liberal Arts 1

Author(s): Abdellah Naanaa

The MGF 1106 course is intended to introduce the beauty and utility of mathematics to the general student population. It will give students some of the mathematical and computational skills essential for success in the Liberal Arts areas as well as in real-life situations. It is primarily for non-sc...