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A Citizen's Guide to Economics

Author(s): Cohick Mikel, James Richards, GIAN ARYANI

A Citizen’s Guide to Economics helps readers understand the economics that affects them as they go about their daily lives – training and learning, working and earning, providing for their family, planning for the future, starting up and running a business, and being good citizens.Written in an easy...

Our World, Our Music

Author(s): Robert Elliott

Our World, Our Music relates historical and discipline-specific concepts to students’ existing knowledge gained through cultural participation. It addresses past and present, Western and non-Western societies and cultures, examining music in particular, the arts in general, and the societies that su...

Lifetime Physical Fitness: Assessments, Concepts, Prescriptions

Author(s): N Carolina Central Physical Education

This reader-friendly course balances theoretical concepts and labs.  It is a practical approach that helps the student build a solid foundation for:assessing fitness performanceproviding effective instruction in fitnessand providing practical training in each area of physical fitnesscardiorespirator...

Write with Ease: You're a Better Writer than You Realize

Author(s): Alexandra Mullin

“Write with Ease” couples non-fiction readings with simple writing activities to allow college composition students to overcome writing anxiety, develop critical thinking skills, and communicate effectively. With a focus on analytical writing, this e-book helps students understand the basics of rhet...

Understanding Cancer: From Discovery to Therapy

Author(s): Joyce Schroeder

 CLICK HERE to Purchase Immediate Access to Online Course Content Cancer is a complex disease, and the study of cancer requires an understanding of molecular and cellular biology, pathology, clinical aspects and an introduction to the therapeutics that are currently in use. In this book, we first...

Introduction to Chemistry

Author(s): Nancy Gardner, Stephen Mezyk

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Chemistry 151 Lab Manual

Author(s): Daniel Kleier, Susan Rutkowsky

Chemistry is the study of being and becoming in the material world. It is an experimental science that requires careful observation of physical properties of substances, as well as how they are changed by chemical reactions. In Chemistry 151: Lab Manual, students will discover how pure elemental ...

American Government and Public Policy Today: Origins, Institution, and Modern Democracies: Texas Edition

Author(s): Glynn E Newman

American Government and Public Policy Today is a turn-key online course package that introduce students to American national government, providing a broad-based introduction to the concepts and institutions that shape politics in the United States.  It focuses on four major areas: the Constitution a...

The Sociological Vision

Author(s): Christopher Pieper

New Edition Now Available! What is sociology? Will I like it? Does it matter in the world? Can it help me? The Sociological Vision is designed to answer these questions and cultivate a new way of seeing social life. Geared primarily toward students beginning a journey into the social sciences,...