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Bad Taste? Responding to Organizational Crises and Rebuilding Reputations


Abstract When a frozen yogurt company attempts to celebrate the success of a popular Asian American football star, many customers and civil rights organizations blame the company for being racially insensitive. , basic_html

Moral Foundations in Everyday Life

Author(s): Keli Birchfield

Moral Foundations in Everyday Life begins with an introduction to philosophical thinking and logic basics that encourages students to think about the themes covered in the historical texts to follow as they originally emerge from students' lived experiences and reflect the self-evidence of students'...

Starting a New Family Legacy: Transitioning from High School to College as a First Generation College Student


Abstract About me: My name is Daniela, but most people think that’s hard to pronounce so you can call me Dani. I am a first-year chemistry major who has two dreams in life: to be the first in my family to finish college and to gain acceptance into medical school. I’ll be blogging on behalf of TRi...

Adapting to Contemporary Health Issues

Author(s): Rick Scheidt

Contemporary health in America continues to be a dynamic area of study. Americans are continually confronted with issues that affect their overall personal health and wellness. New technology, emerging diseases, prevention, and updated treatments continue to fascinate us as individuals while we stri...

Anonymous Relationships: Alcoholics Anonymous and Mediated Communication


Sample Despite the historical importance of anonymity as a form of free speech, the relevance of anonymous communication has flourished in more recent decades, with the development of computer mediated communication, which provides a wide range of options to communicate without being identified (...

The Heavens Declare: An Introduction to Astronomy

Author(s): Thomas Williams

The Heavens Declare: An Introduction to Astronomy has been written for students who may not be science majors, but who enjoy gazing at clear, dark, night skies.  It is also written from the perspective of the nineteenth Psalm, which begins with these words, “The heavens declare the glory of God…”  W...

Crisis Communication Node: The Case of UT-Rio Grande Valley Start Up


Sample In 1994, a concept was introduced that suggested that crisis management theories and applications were limited in their focus on the communication objectives that should be addressed during a crisis’s lifetime (Sturges, 1994). It pointed out that most crisis management publications focused...