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Arts and Creatives Entrepreneurship: Using Passion and Skills to Create a Business with Income: Musicians, Vocalists, Artists and Communications

Author(s): RENATA ROY

Professor Renata Roy-Pinkney in her new textbook, Entrepreneurship in the Arts, has provided faculty an insight into her successful classroom integration of curriculum theory, the process of teaching  a body of knowledge required for students to understand the what and why of concepts, along with th...

Climate Change and the Design of the Built Environment

Author(s): Michael E. Gamble

In this series of dialogues with leaders from various disciplines, we position design as an essential component of entrepreneurial approaches which explore the sociocultural and eco-political dimensions of climate change.  Economist, Architects, Planners, Sociologist, Lawyers, Policy Makers, Landsca...

CLINIVRSE: CLINIcal Virtual Reality Simulated Education: Anxiety Driven Conflict Avoidance: Sessions 1-10

Author(s): Earl Grey, APRIL R. CRABLE

View the CliniVRSE Trailer!CliniVRSE is ASYNCHRONOUS virtual reality technology that develops learners' expansive command of their clinical skills & decision-making while providing them with live feedback.CliniVRSE: Fills the Gap in Asynchronous Skill DevelopmentHow do you teach learners to make cli...

Concussion Perspectives: Medicine, Science, Engineering and Society

Author(s): Stefan Duma

Concussion Perspectives: Medicine, Science, Engineering, and Society is the result of a team of researchers that have collaborated over the past two decades to help reduce concussion risk. It covers a multitude of topics from equestrian to football, bicycling, soccer, whitewater, rugby, flag footbal...

Real Estate Principles

Author(s): John Yeressian

It is well known that 90% of millionaires made their money in real estate. For real estate investors, it provides passive income to own properties. For others it is a place to rest their head and call it "home." Owning a home is considered the American Dream for a reason, at it is the biggest purcha...