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Reading for College: Strategies for Critically Analyzing Informational Text


If your college students need practice with the type of critical reading strategies required in today’s college classroom, Reading for College: Strategies for Critically Analyzing Informational Text, provides you with methodologies and activities for walking students through the inferential and meta...

Professional Catering: The Modern Caterer's Complete Guide to Success

Author(s): Stephen Shiring, Elizabeth J. Shiring

Professional Catering structurally applies by design key essential and emerging management, marketing, strategic management, and supply chain concepts empowering the student, practitioner, event planner, chef, or aspiring entrepreneur with the appropriate knowledge, tools, and Tips from the Trade to...

Surround Sound: A New Approach to Music Appreciation

Author(s): Cynthia T Carrell

SurroundSound: A New Approach to Music Appreciation is designed to engage college and high school students in meaningful listening and discussion to help students get an "out of the box" perspective on the world of music. In SurroundSound, Carrell approaches music appreciation from the point of view...

Testing Academic Reading

Author(s): Brian Altano

Testing Academic Reading 2nd edition is a ready resource for language learners who are faced with a myriad of reading tests in their classes, whether ESL or college-level. The book can be used in combination with any reading skill or reading development text. This testing book offers cloze readings,...

Microbiology Laboratory: A Clinical Approach for Health Care Professionals

Author(s): M. Nia Madison

New Edition Now Available! We are constantly surrounded by ubiquitous, living organisms too small to be observed by the naked eye. Some of them are beneficial to us. They may serve us as part of our normal microflora competing with and inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogeni...