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Game Changer: Exploring Christ-Centered Critical-Thinking Skills

Author(s): Bunnie Loree Claxton, Dawn Cobb-Fossnes

Game Changer: Exploring Christ-Centered Critical Thinking Skills is curriculum written to teach students the skills they need to approach their thought processes from a biblical and Christ-centered approach. Students will learn to collect data, analyze data, search for the truth, and think for thems...

Drawing from Perception: Rewiring the Brain for Observational Art

Author(s): Joshua Field

Drawing from Perception demystifies the art of drawing from observation and integrates new approaches to understanding the ways in which we perceive the world around us.As we navigate our daily lives, the mind works relentlessly in the background, actively constructing models of our experience in or...

Critter Culture

Author(s): Sarah Pringle

Sociology is the study of interactions between individuals, groups, communities, and society as a whole. It spans cultures, languages, and behaviors, while also bringing other disciplines such as psychology and biology. But what about all those interactions between humans and animals? The cultures s...

Intersectionality: An Arts-Based Approach to Student Awareness


Intersectionality: An Arts-Based Approach to Student Awareness offers insights into the importance of understanding contemporary diversity and inclusion while applying arts-based research and reporting, such as poetry and visual ethnography, to expand knowledge acquisition.  Intersectionality: An...

Game Design Essentials

Author(s): Robert Thomas II Howard

Game Design Essentials bridges the gap between the theory of game design and the practical steps to actually make it happen in real games! Rob Howard, a game industry veteran (with titles such as Bioshock Infinite and Batman: Arkham Origins on his resume) and Purdue University professor guides stude...