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Statistics For Psychology

Author(s): Kim A. Roberts, Amy Cole

Statistics For Psychology is a short version of a textbook designed to simplify statistics. It is referred to as a work book written for students that are required to understand that a scientist must have a tightly controlled research design before they analyze their data which is conveyed in Chapte...

Introduction to Nutrition

Author(s): Staci Freeworth

Introduction to Nutrition is an easy to read, essential purchase for students in dietetics, as well as students studying subjects that may have a nutrition component, such as exercise science, nursing, pharmacy, medicine, and other related areas. This textbook provides the quality information that a...

Business Statistics: Clearly Explained

Author(s): Clarence Johnson

The book Business Statistics-Clearly Explained is a book that can be very useful in beginning statistics courses.  Readers will find that the book makes it easy for them to understand difficult topics. Every topic is clearly explained in a way that makes even those who are mathematically challenged ...