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Pathyways to Professionalism in Family Science

Author(s): Celeste Hill

Pathways to Professionalism serves as an introductory guide for undergraduate students pursuing careers in Human Development and Family Science (HDFS). The purpose of this book is to equip student pursuing careers in the discipline of HDFS with a foundational understanding of careers in the field as...

Behavioral Science Statistics

Author(s): PJ Verrecchia

New Fifth Edition Now Available! Behavioral Science Statistics is a textbook appropriate for introductory level statistics courses. It is written in an easy to understand style yet it thoroughly explains statistical concepts. The book contains numerous practical examples as well as step by step i...

Handbook on California's Legislative Process

Author(s): Chris Micheli

My first book on the California legislative process is titled, Understanding the California Legislative Process. When I wrote that book over the course of a few years, and then had it published in early 2020, I thought I had covered most topics.However, since that time, I have come across many other...

The Amazing Adventures of Chester the Wiener Dog

Author(s): James Kirby Easterling

This book is about a little abandoned wiener dog puppy named "Chester" who eventually finds his furever family and a warm, safe, and nurturing home. But really, it's much more, as this book is symbolic of the challenges, barriers, and obstacles many adoptive children face in finding their forever ho...