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The Landscape of Expository Comprehension


The Landscape of Expository Comprehension: Teaching Non-Fiction Text Processing focuses on facilitating instruction from the viewpoint of how proficient readers think with informational text. Expository text requires a completely different set of cognitive strategies from those of narrative. You wil...

Anatomy of an Essay: Instructions and Readings

Author(s): Todd Scott Moffett, TINA D. ELIOPULOS

Anatomy of an Essay guides students in the essential elements of essay composition.  Anatomy of an Essay:  Focuses on Thesis, development and support, organization, and mechanics Provides readings from professional and student writers Promotes critical thinking through research and lite...

Trends and Issues in Organizational Leadership


The phenomenon of leadership and the modern organization is studied academically in a variety of ways, ranging from appraising leaders or their techniques to examining current trends in the field. Outstanding leadership involves integrating knowledge from multiple areas of study and utilizing numero...