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The Natural Hand and the Art of Practicing Volume I

Author(s): Uli Geissendoerfer

The Natural Hand shows the most ergonomic approach to playing an instrument and the most focused way of practicing. In order to play better we need to practice better. In five volumes we focus on each instrument group, keyboard, string, wind, percussion and voice. QR codes provide short videos to be...

The Road to Ethical Science: A Guide to Restoring Trust in Science

Author(s): Brian Herman, Claudia Nauhauser

Rarely a week goes by without reading about a case of unethical behavior during the conduct of research. By the time the misconduct is discovered, the damage is often done. Such unethical behavior leads to a loss of trust in the scientific enterprise and, nowadays, also to increased polarization in ...

World Religions and Philosophy

Author(s): Mark Webb

In a globalization, digitally-interconnected world, everyone needs to understand what people from different cultures believe, and how they approach questions of universal importance. Is there a God? What happens to me when I die? Can we count on good to triumph over evil? Education in the religions ...

Experiments in Mechanics, Wave Motion, and Heat Laboratory Manual for PHYS: 1511, PHYS: 1701, & PHYS: 1611

Author(s): University of Iowa

Significant revisions were made to some of the “H Series” experiments before the 2011-2012 academic year and to many of the “M Series and W Series” experiments before the 2012-2013 academic year. These revisions were made by laboratory coordinator Anthony Moeller with feedback from TAs and lab setup...

General Chemistry Laboratories: A Freshman Workbook

Author(s): Simon G Bott, Russell A Geanangel, Vladimir Zaitsev

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Points to Health: Theory and Practice of Health Education and Health Behavior

Author(s): Tina M Penhollow

Points to Health is the latest textbook in health promotion and health education. It highlights the current practices of health and the future of health science. It is written at a level for upper undergraduate or graduate courses. The textbook is divided into five sections. The first part covers th...