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Financial Markets, Banking and Monetary Policy

Author(s): Thomas Simpson

Financial markets, banks, and monetary policy all touch our lives in numerous ways. Financial Markets, Banking and Monetary Policy illustrates the various ways in which the financial system contributes to our well‐being—that is, how it creates economic value.  Readers are presented with the diffe...

Dance as a Human Experience


What is dance? When did dance begin? What is it that defines this human experience?   Dance as a Human Experience is a foray into the wide and immense world of dance. This text explores and evaluates dance and its various roles in society throughout history. It begins by examining dance’s role...

Biochemistry and Cell Biology: The Science of Life

Author(s): Wendy Rappazzo

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Introduction to Sport Management

Author(s): Jordan Bass

In the rapidly changing sport space, a textbook that serves the specific needs of the students in an introductory sport management course is imperative. The overarching aim of Introduction to Sport Management is to combine basic theoretical concepts with the knowledge and expertise of University of ...

El Hogar de Tus Sueños: Cómo Crear un Matrimonio Cristiano Íntimo

Author(s): Elias Moitinho, Denise Moitinho

En El Hogar de Tus Suenos, los Dres. Elias y Denise Moitinho usen el hogar como una metafora del matrimonio, juntamente con muchas analogias, para abordar las diversas areas del matrimonio de una manera creative. Ellos ofrecen consejos practicos y habilidades para manejar las relaciones basadas en u...

Virtual Laboratories for Biological Anthropology version 5.0

Author(s): John Kappelman, Claud Bramblett

Virtual Laboratories for Biological Anthropology 5.0 uses interactive measuring and plotting exercises, video clips, 3-D animations, sound, and digital images, so students can actively participate in 12 labs as part of their biological anthropology course. The labs and assignments teach students how...