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Statistics for Psychology

Author(s): Gayle Dow

New Publication Coming Soon! Statistics instructor and educational psychologist Gayle T. Dow has created a statistics for psychology publication that enables students to develop a skill set to use in their future careers.  Based on the author’s extensive teaching and educational psychology bac...

Composition of Mathematics: Algebra Transitions

Author(s): Bruce J. Bordwell

New Publication Now Available! Composition of Mathematics: Algebra Transitions has been written to help students who have struggled with previous more traditional instruction of pre-algebra mathematics through elementary algebra. Using a non-traditional approach free of gimmicks and rote memoriza...

A Primer on Business Finance and Accounting: A Practical Guide for the Non-Finance & Accounting Decision Maker

Author(s): Randy Markley

This text is for anyone who wants to have a quick, yet thorough understanding of the basics of accounting and finance; for anyone who wants to know what a budget is and how to prepare one; or to have a better understanding of financial statements and how to prepare and interpret them. This book can ...

Tapestry Voices of the Marginalized and the Masters: American Literature: 1865-Present

Author(s): Deborah Ferguson

Tapestry Voices of the Marginalizes and the Masters: American Literature helps students manifest and maintain a love of the English language while learning to appreciate the vast diversity of American voices in the literary arts. Accordingly, the fictional stories, poems, memoirs, manifestoes, essay...

Behavioral Statistics Essentials

Author(s): Lawrence G Herringer

Are your psychology and social science students looking for a really detailed understanding of statistics? No? Do they want a deep dive into the theory and math behind common statistical methods? Neither do mine. The students I teach want a clear and direct explanation of when, why, and how differen...