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Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction

Author(s): Diana L. Mindrila

Quantitative Data Analysis: An Introduction provides an introduction to quantitative research methodology. The first chapters discuss fundamental topics such as developing research questions, stating hypotheses, identifying variables, and commonly used quantitative research designs. The book explain...

Blurring the Line Between Social and Parasocial Relationships


Sample In a Lifehack article, Poole (2019) poses a familiar question about social media connections: “The average person has about double the amount [sic] of friends online as they do in real life. But how is that a friendship? And why do we feel connected/important to these strangers?” (para. 3)...

Hearing That Doesn't Help: An Evaluation of Appraisal Support During High-Risk Pregnancies


Sample Health situations are stressful for a variety of reasons, including the many unknowns. Patients are often unsure of how they should be progressing, how they should be feeling, and how they should be coping. One strategy patients use is to compare themselves to others in similar situations....

Managing Social Media: Responding to Critics on Twitter


Abstract Ten minutes before Montague walked in his office at 9:30 this morning, popular sports blog Kissing Shelly Kohler already had 275,000 views on their Flanders’ Twitter story. The Buckhorns media and public relations office had been deluged with requests for comment. Massaging his temples w...