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This Just Isn't Working Out: Gender, Technology, and Work/Family


Abstract Riya put her 10-month-old son, Atul, in the playpen next to her computer in the living room. At 6:30 in the evening, she had fed Atul and herself, and she was ready to pick up where she had left off when she checked out of the Engineering Department at InfoTech for the day at 3:00 p.m. S...

Human Anatomy Laboratory Workbook

Author(s): Lucia Tranel

The Human Anatomy Laboratory Workbook is designed to encourage you to interact with the exercises as much as possible. With this publication, you are enhancing your cognitive awareness of the material every time you draw, label, color, dissect, and record an observation. , basic_html

Lying to Ourselves: A Case Study in Nonverbal Cues and Deception Detection Expertise


Abstract Deception occurs in many different forms and is often difficult to detect. Even well-known detection tools such as truth serums and lie detector tests are, at best, unreliable. Deception has been defined by Vrij (2000) as “a successful or unsuccessful deliberate attempt,without forewarni...

Currents in Communication

Author(s): Elliot King

Currents in Communication serves as a foundational text for students who plan to major in communication for their undergraduate education. It is one of the first textbooks to integrate an in-depth exploration of mass communication with an introduction to interpersonal communication and business comm...

Moral Issues and Movies: An Introduction to Ethical Theories and Issues through the Lens of Film

Author(s): Joseph M. Forte

Moral Issues and Movies is authoritative: Dr. Joseph Forte’s expertise on the content of the book derives from: His scholarship on ancient virtue ethics, as well as His expertise teaching ethical theories and issues at the university level since 2008 Additionally, subject-matter experts ...

The Ambiguity of Emotional Exchange Through Haptical Messages: The [Mis]Communication of Nonverbal Touch Following Bradley's Receipt of Bad News


Sample As social actors, we are constantly sending and receiving nonverbal messages. Yet how well are targets of nonverbal communication able to accurately decode them? Among the things that I have noticed about the Generation Z population is how often they use the phrase I Love You without the t...

Tiger Trouble


Abstract The daughter of a successful college men’s lacrosse coach refuses to shut down her racy blog, risking the reputation of a program that has done much to repair its image in recent years. When the sports information department tries to avoid another black eye for the men’s lacrosse program...

He Says/She Says: Misunderstandings Between Men and Women


Sample Ginger walks out of her last class of the day to find Luke waiting for her, as he usually does on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She greets him with a hug and they fall into a matched pace that soon will lead them to the library. “Becky got an offer from BellTech—her first choice,” Ginger says, k...

Negotiation Alchemy: Global Skills Inspiring and Transforming Diverging Worlds

Author(s): Nancy Erbe

Both interesting and highly informative, Nancy Erbe’s Negotiation Alchemy provides visionary practitioners with the necessary skills to help overcome the challenges that unresolved conflicts pose throughout the world. The book focuses on ways of creating and sustaining “positive peace,” which is mor...