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Rough Seas, Uncharted Waters: The Musician's Guide to Navigating Copyright Law

Author(s): Jeffrey Izzo

Rather than be the last word in copyright law scholarship or a two-ton casebook meant for an upper level law school class, my goal in writing this is to provide a quick, readable, and comprehensible guide to the key copyright areas that affect the 21st century composer, performer, and recording arti...

ESL for Parents of Elementary School Children: English Skills to Advocate for Your Child's Success

Author(s): Marley Cervantes, Savyonne Steindler

The goal of this book is to help English-learning parents become effective advocates for their children. The content has been arranged around tasks that will help parents not only to interact with school staff and teachers but also to engage in their children’s education. Each chapter includes inter...

Introduction to African Humanomics: Economics and the Human Good

Author(s): Wilfred L. David, Phiwokuhle Mnyandu

Introduction to African Humanomics: Economics and the Human Good bridges the gap between how economic orthodoxy is applied and the consideration given to homo economicus (the economic human being) in the process of development. David and Mnyandu undertake a deductive approach in their survey of theo...

Bollywood in the City: Can the Consumption of Bollywood Cinema Serve as a Site for Intercultural Discovery and Dialogue?


Sample Bollywood’s new “coolness” (Banker 2001) creates the space for what Clifford calls “political struggles to define the local as distinctive community” (Clifford 1994, 308)—a space distinctly evident in the New York metropolitan area. This is made possible particularly by the post-globalized...