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  • Por mi mism@

    Author(s): Mina Ogando Lavin, Melissa D Murphy, Delia Montesinos

    Por mí mism@ is designed for students of advanced Intermediate Spanish. The content was selected to raise the learners' proficiency to a level that will enable them to successfully transition to advanced grammar and writing courses.

    Por mí mism@ gives readers the necessary tools to take responsibility for their own language development – encouraging them to discover vocabulary and induce grammatical rules on their own.

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  • Writing for Managers

    Author(s): Edwin Sapp

    Revised 1st Edition!

    Writing in a business environment truly is a survival skill. Unfortunately, it also is a skill many fail to develop because of fear of failure. As managers, or as writers to or for managers, you should take the time to nourish the communication skills of others. Not only can you increase their self-confidence and productivity, but you also will strengthen communication in the workplace and between the workplace and the outside world.

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  • Theatre Arts: Fundamental Theory and Practice

    Author(s): Frank Pickard

    "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players..." William Shakespeare

    Theatre Arts: Fundamental Theory & Practice is an easy to read, comprehensive textbook for both majors and non-majors. It offers a basic, solid understanding of the history, theory, and application of the art of theatre. Many of the different aspects of theatre arts are applicable to anyone's life, regardless of educational and professional aspirations.

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