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Real Good Grammar, Too: A Handbook for Students and Professionals

Author(s): Mamie W Hixon

This package includes the textbook, Real Good Grammar, Too: A Handbook for Students and Professionals, and the accompanying supplement, Grammar Shots from Mamie's Pronoun Case: The Pocket Companion to Real Good Grammar, Too. , basic_html

Exploring With Wisconsin Fast Plants

Author(s): Wisconsin Fast Plants Program

 eBook Version You will receive access to this electronic text via email after using the shopping cart above to complete your purchase.  Exploring with Wisconsin Fast Plantsby Wisconsin Fast Plants ProgramExploring with Wisconsin Fast Plants is a resource manual targeted for middle school and ele...

Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives

Author(s): Styliano Spyridakis, Bradley Nystrom

Ancient Greek History, Preserved For Your Students.Ancient Greece: Documentary Perspectives, Second Edition by Stylianos V. Spyridakis and Bradley P. Nystrom, offers more than one hundred translations of important ancient Greek texts.  This text is a balanced collection of material representing all ...