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A Guide through the History of Michigan

Author(s): Emilee Johnson

The purpose of this volume is not to replace the excellent existing texts available on Michigan history but to provide guidance through state history in conjunction with other readings. Key terms, self-assessments, critical thinking questions, exercises, suggested reading lists, and other resources ...

What DNA Evidence Reveals About Criminals: Cold Case Criminology

Author(s): Matthew DeLisi

Cold cases are resolved on an almost weekly basis by new investigative techniques and forensic technologies that can process DNA evidence from long dormant crime scenes. This DNA evidence revolution has unprecedented potential for locating missing persons, identifying crime victims, and bringing per...

The Truth About Science: Answering Your Most Common Questions

Author(s): Megan Prosser, Joshua Morris, Michael Clark

The COVID pandemic brought science to the forefront of society as the world watched and waited for a cure. It quickly became clear that scientific progress relied on previous discoveries and new experimentation in order to drive understanding of the virus, its transmission, and vaccine development; ...