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Art & Art History

Author(s): Diane Lui

Art & Art History explores the intentions, motivations, and decision of the artists as they made their decisions about the elements and principles of art. Looking at the artist’s perspective, this publication explains the ways history and new technologies affect the making of art. Readers are given ...

Simple Astronomy

Author(s): Jon Bell

Nearly everyone knows something about astronomy - the phases of the moon, or how to find the constellation Orion in the sky, or some of the bizarre phenomena that accompany black holes.  But a lot of basic astronomy is simply not taught in most high schools; then, when students sign up for a college...

Communications Internship Handbook: What HBCU Students Need to Know

Author(s): Rochelle Daniel, Karima Haynes

Internships, especially in the communications field, are essential for students to achieve their goals and dreams. Communications Internship Handbook: What HBCU Students Need to Know provides students of historically black colleges or universities with the insight and tools to seek and gain the r...

Searching for Solutions: Case Studies & Discussion Questions for Helping Professionals

Author(s): Doe West

In the human service / social science / public service academic realms, we have extensive options for the learning of models and paradigms. This allows us steppingstones to gain an expansive knowledge-base of the issues we face in the workplace. However, until or unless that can be translated to rea...

Applied Math Workbook

Author(s): Katie Nagle

*Purchase includes both the workbook and solutions manual* , basic_html

Cultural Anthropology: A Restorative Study of Our Humanity

Author(s): Julie M. Bowling

Cultural Anthropology: A Restorative Study of Our Humanity is an interactive, online course designed to engage students toward building a solid anthropology, founded on the truth that all humans are created with inherent value and dignity. Rooted in the worldview that humanity has been designed in t...

Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura

Author(s): Delia Montesinos

Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura provides a guided inductive and critical-thinking approach to teaching Spanish. It covers five goal areas: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Conectando con mi herencia: lengua y cultura features: various engaging...

Advanced Engineering Experiments

Author(s): Aixi Zhou

This book is a sequel of Applied Engineering Experiments. The objective of the selected advanced engineering experiments is to develop student skills to a higher level in inquiry, learning, professional development, and personal growth in their formation into an engineer. Topics are arranged into th...