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  • The Legal Environment of Business

    Author(s): RYAN PACE

    Understanding the legal environment in which businesses operate is a critical component of success for all business leaders and decision-makers.

    The Legal Environment of Business by Ryan H. Pace introduces fundamental legal topics relating to the U.S. Constitution, ethics, dispute resolution, crimes, torts, property, contracts, business entities, securities, agency, employment discrimination, debtor-creditor relationships, negotiable instruments, administrative process, environment, wills and trusts, insurance, and more.

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  • Human Communication in Action

    Author(s): Greg G. Armfield, Eric Lee Morgan

    Human Communication in Action provides students with a valuable resource that can be used beyond the classroom by bringing together leading innovative scholars of Communication as contributors for this human communication textbook. Each unit presents overarching concepts of communication in an easy-to-read and practical manner. The first unit begins with a discussion of human communication fundamentals, ethics, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and culture and communication. The second unit is dedicated to the art of public speaking and listening.

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  • Geology: An Introduction

    Author(s): Alan Jacobs

    The theme of Geology: An Introduction is the dynamic nature of planet Earth.  Geologic materials are constantly being recycled through geologic processes that are continuously reshaping the planet.  The textbook, with numerous color photographs and diagrams, clearly discusses minerals and rocks and their formation, geologic time, plate tectonics, weathering and erosion, downslope movement of soil and rocks, surface and ground water, stream networks, glaciers, deserts, stresses that naturally bend and break strata, and earthquakes.  The text concludes with dangers r

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