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The Power of Listening

Author(s): Roberta K Ray

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The Bottomless Bag Revival!

Author(s): Karl E Rohnke

In The Bottomless BagRevival!, Karl Rohnke, also author of Silver Bullets and Cows Tails & Cobras, has distilled thirty fun-loving eclectic years of Outward Bound, Project Adventure, and High 5 Adventure Learning Center experiences. When asked about The Bottomless Bag Revival! he said, "The text, ph...

Understanding an Afrocentric World View: Introduction to Optimal Psychology

Author(s): Linda Myers

Understanding an Afrocentric World View: Introduction to an Optimal Psychology stands as a groundbreaking and timeless classic in the field of Africana Studies, Psychology, and Human Development. Its reverberating in-depth analysis of and prescriptive cure for racism and other societal isms identifi...