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Criminal Investigations Theory and Practice

Author(s): Robert B. Wall, Peter Johnstone

Criminal Investigation: Theory and Practice is a new and novel approach to the science of criminal investigations.  The text is divided into three modules:Module 1(Chapters 1-6) present the basics of criminal investigation. The module includes crime scene processing, the initial response and crime s...

Ethics for Visionary School Leaders: Setting Your Ethical Compass

Author(s): Gary Hoban, Daniel T Cunniff, DINA CASTILLO PACIS, Clifford Tyler

This text, Ethics for Visionary School Leaders—Setting Your Ethical Compass (third edition), is designed for those students preparing to become school administrators and those interested in the topic. It combines classical and more contemporary ethical philosophy with current everyday ethical matter...

Hydraulics Laboratory Manual: Experiments with Applications

Author(s): John Schuring, Ashish Borgaonkar, Brian Shiels

Highlights of Hydraulics Laboratory Manual:O­ffers 17 “hands-on” experiments in fluids and hydraulics, including concepts such as viscosity, capillarity, continuity, manometers, hydrostatics, Bernoulli, pipe friction and minor loss, open channel flow, pumps, weirs, water hammer, stream gaging, Reyno...

Introduction to Data Analysis for Criminal Justice

Author(s): Stephen Holmes, Bryan Holmes

This book is carefully constructed to allow students the chance to understand the research process. The first half of the class introduces students to general concepts and levels the playing field for those that may not have had a college-level statistics course before. Then we move to an analysis o...

The Bridal Path

Author(s): Julia Fulton

What happens when two near strangers get engaged in India, and embark on a trip that is both perilous and roam-antic? They get attacked by temple monkeys on their journey through the Himalayas, and so begins a desperate search for the live rabies’ vaccine throughout India. Five shots are required to...