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Voice and Diction Mechanics: A Practical Application for Optimizing Your Vocal Expression

Author(s): Linda Kalfayan

You may as well begin with the idea that you can sound great! Voice and Diction Mechanics: A Practical Application for Optimizing Your Vocal Expression gives orderly instruction on how to improve your voice and diction.  Using your voice and diction to its best advantage begins with an understand...

Introduction to Medical Coding: An Applied Approach

Author(s): LLC Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions

This workbook will provide guidance on helping you understand the steps and application of ICD-10-CM and CPT coding. It will begin with coding rules and guidelines as a foundation and then move into application. Upon completion of the exercises, you will have gained an understanding of the purpose o...

Illuminating Sexuality

Author(s): Michael Marks

The goal of this textbook is to provide a broad overview of human sexual behavior, without value-laden overtones, political bias, or implications of right and wrong. Dr. Michael Marks, the editor, had spent several semesters teaching a Sexual Behavior class, and was frustrated about the lack of unbi...

Physics for Health Science Majors

Author(s): Dickerson Moreno

Physics for Health Science Majors invites readers to explore physics in light of its applications in health sciences. It is designed for students who are majoring in health science, with an aim of giving them the right skillset to understand fundamental physics concepts and principles that they will...

Celtic Cultures: Ancient & Modern

Author(s): Michael Simonton

The purpose of Celtic Cultures: Ancient & Modern  is to serve as an introduction to Celtic Studies in Anthropology, beginning with ancient Celtic cultures in Europe, which rely on Classical histories or archeology for their descriptions, followed by an ethnographic overview of modern Celtic cultures...

Current Topics in Criminal Justice

Author(s): Steven Hundersmarck, NANCY HOGAN

Current Topics in Criminal Justice informs and challenges the reader who will think critically about these topics and form their own opinion. The included readings offer diverse opinions and solutions to criminal justice topics. The topics included are The Drug Problem, Mass Shootings, Gun Contro...