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Human Nutrition: Navigating through the Maze

Author(s): Rhonda M Lane

Human Nutrition: Navigating Through the Maze was developed to help adult students learn about nutrition and to stimulate the student’s own critical thinking skills so that they can incorporate the basic nutritional concepts they learn into their daily lives to maintain a healthy body. Some of the to...

The Manual for Integrated Campaigns

Author(s): David Regan

The Manual for Integrated Campaigns guides readers through the journey of building an effective brand communications campaign. Whether you produce the campaign by yourself or with an agency team, this publication walks you through the appropriate steps in the process. By incorporating this process, ...

Crafting Your Message: Practical Lessons in Management Communications

Author(s): Randy Felsenthal, JOAN FINLEY

Crafting Your Message is a uniquely practical workbook designed for you, the instructor, to have the tools to teach complex concepts resulting in your students’ developing skills in crafting effective management communications.  Joan and Randy believe communications are multi-dimensional and require...

Fashion: Who, When, Why, Where?

Author(s): Edith Schneider

The emphasis of Fashion: Who, When, Why, Where? is based on logic developments and consequences, because it is more important to know what effects the invention of the steam engine has on fashion or why we use insects to dye our lipsticks (or the strawberry Frappuccino from Starbucks for that matter...

Write Outside: Outdoor Activities and Writing Prompts for English Composition

Author(s): Amy L. Hess

Write Outside is a handbook for college-level English composition courses. In addition to providing explanations and examples of effective writing strategies, the text includes outdoor activities and writing prompts that bridge and reinforce those key concepts. As one of the best ways to clear our m...

The What, Why, and How of Academic Writing: From Inspiration to Investigation to Implementation, Preliminary Edition

Author(s): Blaine H. Mogil

As college level instructors know, everyone arrives to campus at a different level of proficiency and with different skillsets. No matter our pedagogical approaches, they will all leave our courses with differing levels as well. So, among the first orders of business is to provide for every level of...