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Integrating Performance & Well Being: A Primer for Justice Students

Author(s): Melissa Matuszak

One of the most important responsibilities of a justice-focused education is to build and support a foundation of wellness within its students – the future practitioners who will go out and serve the public. To serve ethically and honorably, justice professionals should be surrounded by a profession...

Typography: A Life in Letters or A Personal Introduction to the Craft of Typography

Author(s): Edward A Edman

This book includes: A history of our alphabet from ancient cave walls, to the invention of printing with metal type to wood, photo, and digital type.  Rules and guidelines for better typography- anywhere. A list of banned fonts. Categories of type and type specimens. The background for the...

The Crucial Conversation: Educating Through an Anti-Racist Lens


The Crucial Conversation offers best practices for effective teaching and learning relevant to race and racism in the post-George Floyd era, where American universities and colleges are placing a greater emphasis on fostering educational contexts that address these social constructs in the classroom...

Polygon of Satan: Violent Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus

Author(s): Anatoly Isaenko

New Fourth Edition Now Available! Polygon of Satan: Violent Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus, 4th Edition investigates the internal and external factors of the genesis of ethnic tensions that later on turned into bloody ethnic conflicts in the Caucasus on the eve, during, and after the collapse o...

Read, Write, Think: A Rhetoric for the Real World

Author(s): Wesley Hellman

Read, Write, Think:  A Rhetoric for the Real World reflects the experience of a seasoned practitioner of composition teaching and composition pedagogy.  It is written in a voice that engages in a conversation with students.  The text is unique in how it approaches: reading, writing, and thinki...