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UI STEP: Students to Employed Professionals

Author(s): Josh B. Frahm

“UI STEP helps one learn how to move forward and makes the future so much less overwhelming.  Really a life changer.”  University of Iowa Senior UI Student to Employed Professional (UI STEP) provides the dual benefit of real-world career and professional preparation with the academic benefits of...

Women's Health: Readings on Social, Economic, and Political Issues

Author(s): Dawna M Thomas

The seventh edition of Women’s Health: Readings on Social, Economic, and Political Issues reflects changing perspectives and ongoing interests in women’s health in the 21st century.  The collection of classic and new readings remains true to the book’s mission and philosophy by offering a historical...

Leading the Way: Inspiring Stories from the Field of Health & Physical Education

Author(s): Julie Booke

The purpose of Leading the Way: Inspiring Stories from the Field of Health & Physical Education is not to establish one definition, behaviour, or theory, but to show and discuss the breadth of leadership that exists across the fields of health, physical education, sport, recreation, outdoor adventur...

Beginning Guitar

Author(s): Eugene Shapiro

The benefits of Beginning Guitar, Seventh Edition are as follows: A complete and comprehensive method for learning the guitar Proven record of success in teaching students the basics of guitar playing Praised by both students and peers as an excellent Beginning Guitar book Has been used ...

Introduction to Environmental Science Lab Manual

Author(s): Felicia Armstrong

Introduction to Environmental Science lab book is design for the non-science major use of the scientific method to investigate topics in environmental science. The manual investigate water quality, composting, biodiversity, risk assessment, acid mine drainage, oil removal from water and other topics...

Communication as Culture: An Introduction to the Communication Process

Author(s): John Gareis, Ellen Cohn

Far from being a context in which communication occurs, culture is the very basis of communication. Communication as Culture explains that whether people talk with family members or someone from another country, they are never anything more or less than enculturated people who abide by the limits...