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Introduction to Business Law

Author(s): Rod Haywood

The study of the law is a very difficult endeavor, which should only be a path walked by those who possess a serious student point of view as its concepts are most times difficult to grasp, not clearly of a black or white nature, as in an always “yes” or “no” answers, but a place where creative thou...

A Guide to Copy Editing & Design

Author(s): Barbara Bullington

Copy editing requires a desire to a talent for closely and quickly scrutinizing each word of copy. Copy editors rely on trusted resources to help when making decisions about what to edit and how. A Guide to Copy Editing and Design is designed to be a trusted resource for the beginning copy editor as...

The Crucial Conversation: Educating Through an Anti-Racist Lens


The Crucial Conversation offers best practices for effective teaching and learning relevant to race and racism in the post-George Floyd era, where American universities and colleges are placing a greater emphasis on fostering educational contexts that address these social constructs in the classroom...

Multiplying Jesus: Planting Churches

Author(s): Matthew Fretwell

This volume, Multiplying Jesus: Planting Churches is designed with the intent of training domestic (Western) church planters to make disciple-makers and multiply. This work will specifically address the concepts, principles, and strategies of church planting. While some models and strategies are mor...

Our Stories in Our Voices

Author(s): Dale Allender, Gregory Yee Mark

This Anthology, Our Stories in Our Voices, examines American history, education, ethnic identity, and the continued struggle for social justice through the lens of people of color in the United States. The chapters in this publication begin to bring to the forefront topics that have been largely ign...

Generation Z and the COVID-19 Crisis

Author(s): Jake Aguas, Madeleine Prater

In November 2019, members of Generation Z in the United States were laying the foundation for their adult future. While the majority of this emerging generational cohort was still in high school and college, an increasing number of recent college graduates were making their way into the workforce. O...