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Criminal Law Cases Today: A Customized Version of Criminal Law, Second Edition by George M. Dery III

Author(s): Rachel Kunz

Law is not static and is always changing and this text offers a structured look at not only what criminal law is, but the development of criminal law, the key elements of major crimes, and defenses to crimes as well. Criminal Law Cases Today is a customized version of Criminal Law Second Edition by ...

Biomedical Ethics

Author(s): Valerie Holliday

Biomedical Ethics is tailored for nursing and health science program students and applicants in the community college setting. Bioethics textbooks for undergraduates are pitched to students at four-year universities. The level of discussion, the depth into which these books go into complex philosoph...

School Social Work: Engaging Social Justice and Racial Equity from Practitioners' Perspectives

Author(s): Robert H Ayasse, Amalia Hernandez, Christine Scudder, Christina Feliciana, Francesca Osuna, Crystal Hawkins, Heather Graham, Hector Palencia, Janae Peters, Julie Slater North, Keshia Williams, Laurie Millan, Michelle Rainer, Adelaide Nzeasseu, Paul Brazzel, Robert Watts, Sandy Vaughn, Saun-Toy Trotter, Michelle Fortunado-Kewin

Are you an emerging practitioner in the field of school social work? Are you new to the field and wondering, “where do I start, do I know enough, or how do I use my social work training in this specific field?” If you are searching for ideas on these questions, then this text is for you. School S...

Illuminating Sexuality

Author(s): Michael Marks

The goal of this textbook is to provide a broad overview of human sexual behavior, without value-laden overtones, political bias, or implications of right and wrong. Dr. Michael Marks, the editor, had spent several semesters teaching a Sexual Behavior class, and was frustrated about the lack of unbi...

Sustainability Accounting and Reporting: The Evolution of Management Accountability

Author(s): Tracey Niemotko, Moira Tolan

Historically, financial accounting and reporting, presented through financial statements—the income statement, equity statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows—provided the chief mechanism for assessing an entity’s investment worthiness. The data from these financial statements, such as ...