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Multiplying Jesus: Revitalizing Churches

Author(s): Matthew Fretwell

You’re reading this book for a reason. Whether you’re studying, researching, or participating in a declining or dying church, the intent of this book is to breathe new life into the body of Christ. Hopefully, you will be able to glean knowledge and insight from the practical methods, experiences, an...

Research Methods in Psychology

Author(s): Jeffrey Anastasi, Jessica Lee

New Third Edition Now Available! Research Methods in Psychology is an accessible and exciting textbook that introduces students to the various principles of research methodology and design in psychological research. The ultimate goal of the textbook is to encourage each student to gain a basic un...

Environmental Sociology for All Walks of Life, Preliminary Edition

Author(s): Mark Durieux

Serving as a primer on Environmental Sociology, Environmental Sociology for All Walks of Life provides a concise overview of this crucial topic for students and members of the public who already appreciate sociology. If we must all be sociologists, we must all be environmental sociologists. Envir...

General Biology Lecture Notes

Author(s): Del William Smith

New Edition Now Available! , basic_html

United States History Since 1865: Information Literacy and Critical Thinking


Specially designed for 5-to-10 week accelerated formats—perfect for online, hybrid, and face-to-face classes. Thematic, rather than encyclopedic, its 300 pages and 8 chapters enable instructors to cover the time period in a captivating manner. Specially designed to enhance information literacy ...

Community Health

Author(s): Susan Milstein, Jennifer Evans

Community Health covers the topics of community health and public health; community health, which refers to the overall health status of a community, is related to a society’s ability to achieve its goals. , basic_html

My Brand. My Future. Creating a Powerful Personal Brand For Lifelong Success

Author(s): Karl Speak, David Thompson

My Brand. My Future. is a proven integrated learning solution with a text book and asynchronous e-learning app, providing students with a practical, personalized learning experience.  The tools will deliver on this important student need to use the power of personal brand to propel the launch of the...

Commercializing Intellectual Property

Author(s): Cheryl Arflin

This text begins with identifying foundational principles about intellectual property and analyzes how the intellectual property system is affected by them. The rule of law, the innovation cycle and possible strategies for using intellectual property are explained and identified. Also included in th...

Everyday Chemistry

Author(s): William J. Iannuccilli

Chemistry is all around us, we use it often, although unknowingly and it helps us each day to perform our daily tasks. How can anyone use something constantly and not know anything about how it works. Everyday Chemistry helps the average person learn about the chemistry they use every day. It is ...