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A Practical Approach to Strength Training

Author(s): Joni Marr Boyd

A Practical Approach to Strength Training is designed to educate students on the basics of strength and resistance training. The chapters are divided into short, easy-to-read content areas that cover everything from rules, guidelines, exercise techniques, and workout plans. In addition, the text pro...

Philosophy in the Holodeck: Thinking Critically About the Emerging Technology


Joseph D. Kuzma's Philosophy in the Holodeck explores the various societal and ethical dilemmas that arise with the emergence of new technologies.  Kuzma discusses a variety of topics ranging from the rise of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, to the future of warfare and genetic enhanceme...

General Chemistry I: Lab Manual

Author(s): Steven Rowley

General Chemistry laboratory can be both very challenging and very rewarding for students. Steven Rowley’s General Chemistry I Laboratory Manual assists students in the understanding of chemistry. It is written for a first semester General Chemistry lab course. The experiments contained in it parall...

Future-ish: Context and Case Studies for Exploring the Science, Design, and Culture Shaping Our Future

Author(s): Sean G Schmidt

In the not-so-distant future, people will take calculus in kindergarten, design their own clothes and cars on hand-helds, and enthusiastically keep their culture and traditions alive whether they are on Earth, the moon, or Mars. Future-ish: Context and Case Studies for Exploring the Science, Design,...

Multiplying Jesus: Revitalizing Churches

Author(s): Matthew Fretwell

You’re reading this book for a reason. Whether you’re studying, researching, or participating in a declining or dying church, the intent of this book is to breathe new life into the body of Christ. Hopefully, you will be able to glean knowledge and insight from the practical methods, experiences, an...

Por mi mism@

Author(s): Mina Ogando Lavin, Melissa D Murphy, Delia Montesinos

Por mí mism@ was designed for students of advanced intermediate Spanish. The content areas were selected to raise the learners' proficiency to a level that will enable them to successfully transition to advanced grammar and writing courses. We have integrated several pedagogical approaches, but o...

Philosophy Born of Struggle: Anthology of Afro-American Philosophy From 1917

Author(s): Leonard Harris

Philosophy Born of Struggle – Afro-American Philosophy from 1917, Third Edition, features philosophic foundations.  Voices that express competing ideas about the nature of religion, social activism, humanism, culture, race, identity, dignity and values.  Thus, the sections’ Meta- philosophy, Politic...

Community Health

Author(s): Susan Milstein, Jennifer Evans

Community Health covers the topics of community health and public health; community health, which refers to the overall health status of a community, is related to a society’s ability to achieve its goals. , basic_html