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Cell Biology Laboratory Manual: Form, Function and Diversity Cell Life

Author(s): Joseph Francis

Cell biology continues to be a core course in the biological sciences and living cells continue to thrill biologists, anatomists, ecologists, and medical researchers with new discoveries. With that in mind this lab course was developed so that students not only investigate the molecular biology of c...

Scientific Writing: Tools & Techniques

Author(s): Cheryl Rock

Career success in the sciences is built on excellent written communication whether within papers, proposals, or laboratory reports.  However, where does the process begin? Moreover, what exactly is required? Additionally, what tools are needed to accomplish scientific writing goals? It starts here! ...

Music in Motion Pictures: A Guide Through the Art and Craft of Film Music

Author(s): Edward Knoeckel

Music for films holds a fascinating place in our musical heritage. On one hand, it is often seen as populist and commercial while on the other hand it has displayed some of history’s highest technical and artistic standards. What this shows is that the world of film music is incredibly nuanced. Film...

Cases and Materials on California's Executive Branch of Government

Author(s): Chris Micheli

This is a casebook about the executive branch of state government in California. As with the other two branches of state government, the executive branch is set forth in the California Constitution, in Article V. There are also provisions of law related to the Executive Department contained in the C...

Communication as Culture: An Introduction to the Communication Process

Author(s): John Gareis, Ellen Cohn

Far from being a context in which communication occurs, culture is the very basis of communication. Communication as Culture explains that whether people talk with family members or someone from another country, they are never anything more or less than enculturated people who abide by the limits...

Public Safety in America

Author(s): Jennifer Esterline

Public Safety in America is an introductory book discussing the role of public safety and the systems involved. No single entity is responsible for public safety as discussed through the whole community concept. The book looks at what public safety is and why we need it in the first chapter, followe...