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Communicating in the Sport Industry: A Practical Guide

Author(s): John Borland, Michael Mudrick

Communication in the Sport Industry, a Practical Guide heeds the call for more learning and sport management instruction based in reality. You may have heard the maxim: Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I learn. The chapters written for this text seek to give practica...

Communication as Culture: An Introduction to the Communication Process

Author(s): John Gareis, Ellen Cohn

Far from being a context in which communication occurs, culture is the very basis of communication. Communication as Culture explains that whether people talk with family members or someone from another country, they are never anything more or less than enculturated people who abide by the limits...

Reading the Web: Strategies for Internet Inquiry Activity Book

Author(s): Elizabeth Dobler

Reading the Web Strategies for Internet Inquiry Activity Book provides active ways to develop Internet reading skills using the QUEST model: questioning, understanding, evaluating, synthesizing, transforming. This consumable activity book is handy for teachers, library media specialists, home school...

Introduction to Family and Consumer Sciences

Author(s): Zoe Engstrom

Telling the story of a college department's historical background, philosophy, mission statement, values and conceptual purpose for educating and developing future generations is a powerful tool for students to gain insight to the environment in which they learn. Introduction to Family and Consumer ...