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Drawing as Process

Author(s): Andrea Ciaston

Drawing as Process presents an arc of drawing experiences that includes a progression from strategies that result in Classical realism to Expressionistic techniques in the manner of Rembrandt, Vincent van Gogh, and the Surrealists. This coursework concludes with a self-directed series of drawings-mu...

Community Health

Author(s): Susan Milstein, Jennifer Evans

Community Health covers the topics of community health and public health; community health, which refers to the overall health status of a community, is related to a society’s ability to achieve its goals. , basic_html

Practical Physics for College Students

Author(s): Tim L Ross, RYEN LAPHAM

This textbook is required for use by the students on campus at Chattanooga State. If you are an online student, you may wish to buy the one without MapleTA. It has an extra homework assignment done by Maple, an online company. Practical Physics for College Students was developed for a one semeste...

Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Author(s): Noor Borbieva

Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is a concise, accessible, and engaging introduction to the field of cultural anthropology. It provides an overview of the major findings and contributions of the field together with useful supplemental material, including recommended read...

In Art

Author(s): Robert Quinn

In Art adopts a web platform to provide non-art majors in college a sampling of styles, techniques, and artworks from a wide variety of cultures and time periods using a thematic approach. Prizing interactivity and student-centeredness for its framework, this book uses a choose-your-own-adventure ap...

Integrating Performance & Well Being: A Primer for Justice Students

Author(s): Melissa Matuszak

One of the most important responsibilities of a justice-focused education is to build and support a foundation of wellness within its students – the future practitioners who will go out and serve the public. To serve ethically and honorably, justice professionals should be surrounded by a profession...

Wellness for Life

Author(s): Steven Ross Murray, Kristin Heumann

Featuring a combination of an eText with a website, Wellness for Life teaches students how to improve their overall wellness so that they can live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. While discussing topics such as disease, life expectancy, stress, physical fitness, nutrition, and weig...