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Selling Yourself and Your Ideas: A Guide for Building Presentation Skills

Author(s): Murray State University

One’s personal, professional, and public life depends on the ability to discover, in any given case, the available means of persuasion, or to adjust ideas to people and people to ideas. The extent to which a person can do that is the extent to which he/she will be successful in those areas of life. ...

Community Health

Author(s): Susan Milstein, Jennifer Evans

Community Health covers the topics of community health and public health; community health, which refers to the overall health status of a community, is related to a society’s ability to achieve its goals. , basic_html

My Brand. My Future. Creating a Powerful Personal Brand For Lifelong Success

Author(s): Karl Speak, David Thompson

My Brand. My Future. is a proven integrated learning solution with a text book and asynchronous e-learning app, providing students with a practical, personalized learning experience.  The tools will deliver on this important student need to use the power of personal brand to propel the launch of the...

Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Author(s): Noor Borbieva

Culture and Society: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is a concise, accessible, and engaging introduction to the field of cultural anthropology. It provides an overview of the major findings and contributions of the field together with useful supplemental material, including recommended read...

Everyday Chemistry

Author(s): William J. Iannuccilli

Chemistry is all around us, we use it often, although unknowingly and it helps us each day to perform our daily tasks. How can anyone use something constantly and not know anything about how it works. Everyday Chemistry helps the average person learn about the chemistry they use every day. It is ...

The Historical-Sociology of Boston: Building, Rebuilding, & Protesting

Author(s): Paul Braff, Balazs Szelenyi

In this online turn-key course package, students will learn about Boston’s history in a few different ways. First, they will look at its historical development with a particular focus on the city’s economics and demographics. This will give students proper context for the second half of the cour...

Pathophysiology & Exercise

Author(s): Jeff Armstrong

According to recent statistics, fewer than twenty-three percent of Americans are presently meeting the minimum guidelines for physical activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions reports that nearly half of adults in the United States have stage 1 hypertension or are taking medication ...