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Analytical Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry Approach Instrumental Analysis Collection

Author(s): The POGIL Project, Juliette Lantz, Renée Cole

The Instrumental Analysis Collection contains 20 activities developed by the ANA-POGIL consortium that span the range of topics likely to be covered in a semester-long instrumental analysis course: Analytical Tools, Statistics, Electrochemistry, Spectrometry, and Chromatography and Separations. All ...

Cuba: A New Business Frontier

Author(s): KEITH G. DAYTON

Cuba: A New Business Frontier allow students to dive deeper into a specific country or region and apply their classroom analysis through a program of business and government inquiries, meetings with institutional actors, and exploring important cultural aspects of the Cuban life. This publication of...

Cell Biology Laboratory Manual: Form, Function and Diversity Cell Life

Author(s): Joseph Francis

Cell biology continues to be a core course in the biological sciences and living cells continue to thrill biologists, anatomists, ecologists, and medical researchers with new discoveries. With that in mind this lab course was developed so that students not only investigate the molecular biology of c...

Scientific Writing: Tools & Techniques

Author(s): Cheryl Rock

Career success in the sciences is built on excellent written communication whether within papers, proposals, or laboratory reports.  However, where does the process begin? Moreover, what exactly is required? Additionally, what tools are needed to accomplish scientific writing goals? It starts here! ...

Music in Motion Pictures: A Guide Through the Art and Craft of Film Music

Author(s): Edward Knoeckel

Music for films holds a fascinating place in our musical heritage. On one hand, it is often seen as populist and commercial while on the other hand it has displayed some of history’s highest technical and artistic standards. What this shows is that the world of film music is incredibly nuanced. Film...

Typography: A Life in Letters or A Personal Introduction to the Craft of Typography

Author(s): Edward A Edman

This book includes: A history of our alphabet from ancient cave walls, to the invention of printing with metal type to wood, photo, and digital type.  Rules and guidelines for better typography- anywhere. A list of banned fonts. Categories of type and type specimens. The background for the...