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Typography: A Life in Letters or A Personal Introduction to the Craft of Typography

Author(s): Edward A Edman

This book includes: A history of our alphabet from ancient cave walls, to the invention of printing with metal type to wood, photo, and digital type.  Rules and guidelines for better typography- anywhere. A list of banned fonts. Categories of type and type specimens. The background for the...

Introduction to Asian Philosophy

Author(s): Joseph Dowd

Introduction to Asian Philosophy serves as the foundation for an introductory-level course on classical Chinese, Buddhist, and classical Hindu philosophy. It presents East and South Asian philosophy in the style of the modern Anglophone philosophical tradition but that undergraduates at almost any s...

Elementary Spanish

Author(s): Blanca Vargas

Elementary Spanish for higher education students is a cutting-edge Beginner Spanish, which features a distinctive merge of online and in-class activities developed to help you connect with other academic subjects, your classmates, your instructor and the Spanish-speaking world. The use of the curren...

Foundation of Industrial Design: Working with Principles

Author(s): James Kendall

The purpose of Foundation of Industrial Design: Working with Principles is to capture a teaching structure for the beginning industrial design student. These lessons are typically taught as the initial class for industrial designers who will be taking a series of studio and associated classes at the...