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The Art of Performing

Author(s): Nicole Phaneuf

Knowing the self is crucial in any performance. The ideas the author wrote about in The Art of Performing are not fact or fiction. Compiled are thoughts that can help and enhance performance of any kind, concentrating on awareness of self. It goes through how to prepare (including what, who, wher...

Physical Geology Lab Exploration

Author(s): Mara Chen, Thomas Cawthern, Sarah Jones, Fulbert Namwamba

Physical Geology Lab Exploration is designed and written for the introductory physical geology course. It provides students with fundamental concepts and principles, as well as examples and lab exercises to apply what is learned in lectures and reading. The publication promotes and nurtures learning...

Engaging Children with Music: A Handbook for Elementary Teachers

Author(s): Cora Bigwood, Laura McGregor, Anna Langley

Engaging Children with Music provides a useful, practical musical background and resource, enabling classroom teachers to comfortably integrate music into their lessons. An engaging resource of materials using the musical elements, the text introduces and provides a foundation and working knowledge ...


Author(s): Xunming Du

Math ABC is written in an innovative way as it makes readers learn basic math knowledge with a fresh and pleasant experience. Arithmetic with actual meaning will be easy to understand. For example, a young mom may find it difficult to explain to his son why 2-(-1) is 2+1, which equals 3. However,...