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Digitized Voices: A Handbook for the Criticism and Strategic Application of Digital Media

Author(s): CarrieLynn Reinhard

Each new era of communication technologies has impacted our civilization, our lives, and our world. Each new technology created a new interface between people, between a person and information, and between a person and reality. The trajectory of these technologies spans the artificial that requires ...

The Power of Branding in Fashion: 2000 and Beyond

Author(s): Wendy Goldstein, Lubna Najjar

The Power of Branding in Fashion: 2000 and Beyond takes readers on a journey through the story of branding and specifically where art and vision meets technicality and business. The publication presents the history of branding in its most traditional form as well as the adventure that branding to...

Introduction to Physical Geology Laboratory Course and Kit


This engaging physical geology laboratory course, e-text, and specimen identification kit will challenge and excite your students while they explore the globe, study national parks, identify rocks and minerals, analyze data, hypothesize, and extrapolate, all while learning and applying scientific me...

Texas Public School Organization and Administration: 2022

Author(s): James A Vornberg, Yanira Oliveras Ortiz, NATHAN TEMPLETON

Principal and superintendent program students are the future educational leaders of Texas. Texas Public School Organization and Administration: 2022 provides future educational leaders with an effective background for success in leading a campus or district. The objectives of educational leade...

Perspectives on Sustainability

Author(s): Justin Gish

Much of the focus in Perspectives on Sustainability, and sustainability in general, is focused on combating climate change. This text will present you with solutions and offer hope for the future. Each chapter will begin with a research or popular article followed by a review and summary. You’ll gai...

Convergent Media Writing: Telling a Good Story Well

Author(s): John P McHale

Convergent Media Writing: Telling a Good Story Well is designed for use in an introductory survey course on writing for media. It exposes students to the various media forms they may encounter later in their programs of study and/or in their future careers. Convergent Media Writing: Telling a Goo...