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Woody Plants in North America

Author(s): John R Seiler, Edward C Jensen, John Peterson

Woody Plants in North America is an interactive multimedia identification tutorial for woody plants found throughout North America. The software was developed over a 15-year period at Virginia Tech in cooperation with tree identification experts at Oregon State University, The Pennsylvania State Uni...

Networked Business Math CD

Author(s): Brian H Felkel, Robert L Richardson

Networked Business Math, by Brian Felkel and Robert Richardson, is a textbook on CD which addresses Business Calculus topics in a way that is relative to business majors. Business issues are examined from a business standpoint with a focus on modeling data. Because Excel and/or computer al...



Conditioning CD Students work to increase all of the health related components of physical fitness through a variety of interactive components of the course.  These interactive components include health calculators, a hyperlinked glossary and videos demonstrating stretches and conditioning exercises...