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Learning to Listen

Author(s): Kimberly M Davenport

Music listening skills are vital for success in any music course and are also profoundly transferable skills for life and work. Particularly for non-majors with minimal background or training, coming into perhaps the only music class they will ever take, the prospect of listening, analyzing, and wri...

Culturally Created Criminals: An Introduction to Criminology

Author(s): Jessica Potter

Culturally Created Criminals: An Introduction to Criminology takes the reader on a journey through our society and criminal justice system, told through the words of a long time college educator and self-professed True Crime junkie. The third book from Potter, Culturally Created Criminals blends ...

Megatrends: The Transformative Forces Reshaping the United States

Author(s): Jake Aguas

The world continues to change, and the global environment continues to react to a group  of large-scale forces that are reshaping the values, ideals, attitudes, and psychosocial constructs of its population. Megatrends are transforming the way people live their lives here in the United States, affec...

More Than Just Words: Communication and Relationship Skills that Make a Difference

Author(s): Brent D Ruben, Watts Ruben

Communication is vital in every facet of our lives, and critical thinking about communication and social relations is an important developmental process. Children - like the rest of us - face daily challenges and with opportunities to become better communicators in their relations with family, frien...