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Laboratory Manual for Organic Chemistry

Author(s): Mark Sinton

Laboratory Manual for Organic Chemistry, 2nd edition, has been extensively revised from its first edition. All of the exercises, for example, have been modified to improve product yield, better fit within the increasingly common three-hour lab period, and/or minimize hazardous waste generation. In a...

College Algebra: A Guided Inquiry

Author(s): The POGIL Project, Kayla Heffernan, Victoria Causer

These guided activities were written because much research has shown that more learning takes place when the student is actively engaged and when ideas and concepts are developed by the student, rather than being presented by an authority - a textbook or an instructor. The activities presented are s...

Energy: Connecting Earth & Everyone

Author(s): David Marx

Energy is necessary to do anything.  We live in an era of unprecedented availability of energy sources that drive economies and make modern life possible and unprecedented uncertainty as policy decisions are being made and implemented.We are all dependent on the Earth and Sun to provide the resource...

Applied Algebra

Author(s): Marian Anton, Karen Santoro

Applied Algebra is designed for a one semester course for students entering college at the developmental level. It enhances students’ algebraic, critical reasoning, and communication skills, and to promote a growth mindset towards learning. It provides a guided inquiry approach through collaborative...

Dominic's Ducks

Author(s): Two Herons

When Officer Dominic is dispatched to the cherry-red convertible at 1600 Greentree Road, he has no idea what he's about to get himself into. But when all is said and done, Officer Dominic wouldn't change a thing.  , basic_html

Biology of Women

Author(s): Theresa Hornstein, Jeri Schwerin

Biology of Women balances the needs of students who are science majors with those of students who do not have a strong scientific background. It is accessible to entry levels students, but offers enough detail and critical thinking opportunities to challenge students who already have some understand...