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  • Contemporary Physical Science

    Author(s): Innocent Aluka

    Contemporary Physical Science introduces readers to the basic concepts of the physical processes occurring in our environment. It is designed and structured for beginning scientists, introductory science educators, and non-science majors enrolled in physical science to fulfill science requirements.

    Contemporary Physical Science by Innocent Aluka is:

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  • The Legal Environment of Business

    Author(s): RYAN PACE

    Understanding the legal environment in which businesses operate is a critical component of success for all business leaders and decision-makers.

    The Legal Environment of Business by Ryan H. Pace introduces fundamental legal topics relating to the U.S. Constitution, ethics, dispute resolution, crimes, torts, property, contracts, business entities, securities, agency, employment discrimination, debtor-creditor relationships, negotiable instruments, administrative process, environment, wills and trusts, insurance, and more.

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  • Fitness and Your Health

    Author(s): David C Nieman

    Fitness & Your Health has been written to satisfy the general education requirement for physical education. In many colleges and universities students are given the option to take a class that focuses on fitness and health issues. Fitness & Your Health uses a physical fitness approach to educate the student on the most important health issues of our time.

    Fitness & Your Health features:

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